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We provide textile printing in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as smaller customers from the region. We hold a Social Audit, which ensures compliance with all legal and moral principles in our company.
That is why we also print for large multinational companies that directly require this audit.

Textiles with printing from our production are used by many large and small companies.

WHAT distinguishes us from others:

  • Perfectly mastered screen printing technology together with an experienced team of printers, which can handle even really large orders in top quality and in a short time.

  • We offer quality textile printing from several pieces to tens of thousands of series, including special prints and effects. All this for a fair price, in maximum quality and in a short time.

  • We build on quality, reliability and an individual approach to clients.

TECHNOLOGY printing:

Pad printing

Basically all types of materials (plastics, glass, metals, wood, leather, ceramics) are printed by pad printing. The technology is especially suitable for smaller objects. These are, for example, ballpoint pens, openers, lighters, key rings and others.

Printing of glass, ceramics, porcelain - direct printing

We use rotary screen printing for printing cylindrical objects. It is most often used for printing mugs, ashtrays, glasses, etc.

Laser engraving

Laser or laser engraving is a special technology that uses a laser beam to engrave metal, metallized, wooden and plastic advertising items with a colored finish.


Machine embroidery can embroider logos on almost any textile product, such as towels, bags, hats, T-shirts, jackets, etc.


This printing technology can be used on promotional items made of glass and metals. It is suitable for marking glasses, plaques, stainless steel bottles, mugs and other glass and metal objects.


To print with this technology, it is necessary to make a stamp from a thermally well-conducting material in the shape of a logo motif. Therefore, brass punches are used.