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Exhibition exposition


is a popular and impressive exhibition system. It consists of a frame made of aluminum alloy and a special fabric, which, thanks to sublimation printing technology, really expresses any design in photo quality. Thanks to the innovative locking mechanism, the system is ideal for small and large exposures. It is easy to install and reconfigure in various sizes. No tools are needed to assemble it. CREEYA will create an attractive environment and highlight the image of your company. Contact us and request a free 3D design!


is a symbol of quality Swiss technology and is considered to be the best of its kind. It is a unique modular solution with a harmonious panoramic effect and first-class graphics. The balance is not disturbed by any visible part of the aluminum structure. EXPO Prestige is a reusable exhibition system with a financial return in a short period of time. Therefore, it is intended mainly for companies that present themselves at multiple exhibitions during the year, regardless of the size of individual presentations.


is a quality wall lighting system with easy installation. It comes with mounted high-performance LED modules and power supplies that ensure even diffuse lighting over the entire area. Quality graphic design on backlit panels (height up to 240 cm) will give the space a unique and magical atmosphere. Feel free to request a free 3D design!


Fabric elegant system offering a classic roll-up superstructure. The beautifully executed design made of brushed aluminum will perfectly complement the surface solution. The panel reaches a width of up to 200 cm and a height of up to 250 cm. Its indisputable advantages include high quality sublimation printing with a perfect graphic display. Therefore, it is often used as a separate photo wall. The Flex-display can be easily placed on the wall, in a shop window, hung from the ceiling, etc. Quick assembly, adjustable height, joining multiple panels into one unit and ultra low weight - this is the right combination to attract attention whenever needed. The possibility of exchanging textile printing for another makes the Flex-display system an ideal presentation element.



We offer accessories for sale and rent.